Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thunder Hill Ranch, Llano, TX

Off Highway 71 at the end of County Road 304, a small herd of Longhorns greets visitors upon first arriving at the ranch. Wildlife abounds in the rolling Llano River Basin. Three stocked ponds provide water for the wildlife in addition to water pumped from the Llano River.

Mellon Creek Outfitters Deer Hunt Part I

Open Nepal Trekking

A chance to hunt in Nepal...

In this ecological awakening age hunting seems quite contradictory but Nepal has been a favored ground for hunters since 9th century. In the Himalayan Kingdom, controlled hunting is allowed with proper license and certain seasons of the year. Hunting license is issued by the Department of National Park and Wildlife Conservation in Kathmandu and there are a few hunting outfitters who can make arrangements.

Clorado Elk Hunt

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Deer Season is in Full Swing!

I have been listening alot lately...and in my ears are the words of many women who have been hunting, have just tagged their first buck, have taken their sons or daughters or grandchildren hunting and many other wonderful (and sometimes funny) stories.  I love the words I am hearing!!!!  these are women who are conservationists. They love the outdoors and want to share that appreciation with their legacy.  Hopefully, some of those women will post on this blog from time to time to share these stories.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Squirrel Hunting Raptor Style!

I have a soft spot for falconry...
Meet Ruby!  Ruby is a South Georgia Red Tailed Hawk.  She was our hunting partner today as Reid and I got to experience a little squirrel hunting fun raptor style!!

Scent Free Lip Gloss: Lessons Learned: Angled Shot Placement

Scent Free Lip Gloss: Lessons Learned: Angled Shot Placement: "Pre-celebration parties are over rated. Never celebrate before the reason to celebrate has actually arrived, thus my first lesson learned th..."

Game Cart Temptation

It may sound like a good idea to simply wheel your game down or up the side of a mountain. It's not - don't do it. If you are ever tempted with the thought of using a game cart in the mountains, let me save you -

The Long Riders' Guild

The Girls of Delta: Class of 2010

Carly Deacon is comfortably perched on the living room couch. She is coordinating the annual mentored ladies hunt, part of Delta Waterfowl’s new First Hunt program.
The Girls of Delta: Class of 2010

Hunt Like You're Hungry: My Thanksgiving Deer

Hunt Like You're Hungry: My Thanksgiving Deer: "This Blog entry is my submission to the Sportsman Channel and Outdoor Blogger Network writing contest. (A re-done version of My First Deer b..."

The WhiteTailed Doe: Dear Branches, You Suck

The WhiteTailed Doe: Dear Branches, You Suck: "Saturday morning's hunt rolled around and Tim and I were up early and ready to go. Well, early enough. I got off work late on Friday and we ..."

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Something to Think About

Yesterday while reading a well-known hunting magazine, I noticed it did not include any articles written by women. I also noticed there was not a single photograph of a woman in the entire magazine. Thinking surely I had to be mistaken, I looked through the magazine a second time.

Something to Think About

Introducing … DamselFly Fisher

I've heard it said about skiing that if you’re not falling, you’re not pushing yourself hard enough. In my experience the same has been true about fly fishing.
Introducing … DamselFly Fisher

Outside My Comfort Zone: ‘How Do I Love Thee?’

Okay, that’s about as much poetry as I can remember from high school. And I admit I’ve never (ever) had a man recite a poem to me unless you count the class goofball in high school English Lit. that got on his knees next to my desk and
Outside My Comfort Zone: ‘How Do I Love Thee?’

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