Thursday, September 9, 2010

Turkey Season!

"For years my wife, Stephanie has made fun of me. I can't imagine the number of times I have heard, why do you hunt turkeys?

She wasn't referring to me guiding turkey hunters, as she knows that is what I do. She was making fun of me because I hunt turkeys when I am not guiding anyone at all. She would say," Deer, bobcats, ducks, bear, or mountain lion I could understand, but, turkeys. There's no skill to it, there's no glory in it, and there is no risk of anything whatsoever.

Each and every time I would all but beg her to come with me and she would refuse. Finally this season, she agreed to go. As luck would have it the wind and rain set in; but I was determined to make this happen. The first evening the wind was blowing out of the southeast at about 35 mph with a heavy overcast. I knew where a gobbler was roosting and thought I knew exactly how he would approach his roost." ....

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